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Our portal, curated by online pharmacist, offers useful data for patients who are prescribed to take Acyclovir pills. The drug is classified as an antiviral and prescribed to treat a number of health conditions caused by the herpes simplex group of viruses, varicella zoster virus, and Epstein-Barr virus. The drug’s efficacy is such that it is the commonly prescribed antiviral to treat different types of viral diseases.

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Taking Acyclovir 400mg

Our online pharmacy offers Acyclovir 400mg tablets as the drug has many advantages related to patient care. Zovirax pills are available at dosage strengths of 200mg, 400mg and 800mg. The drug is known for the following advantages:

  • Potency in suppressing viral strains
  • Safety of use even in pregnant women
  • Low toxicity
  • Minimum risk of drug interactions
  • Favorable tolerance level in patients
  • Lesser side effects
  • Relatively low price

The drug can be taken to reduce the symptoms of the viral infections but cannot eliminate the virus completely from the body. The drug should be taken according to the physician’s prescription for the number of doses per day as the drug has a short-acting life of just three to four hours. The drug should be taken for the entire course even if symptoms have subsided or disappeared. Acyclovir works by inhibiting the replication of the viral DNA. Suppressing the viral strain aids in keeping the virus dormant.

Symptoms Treated With Acyclovir Pills

One of the most successful antiviral drugs available today, Acyclovir pills are prescribed to treat a spectrum of diseases including but not limited to the following:

  • Acute chickenpox – when it occurs in immunity compromised persons or adults. The drug is not required for children who have chickenpox.
  • Oral herpes – caused by the herpes simplex virus type HSV1. Acyclovir should be taken as soon as tingling sensation is felt indicating the onset of cold sores.
  • Genital herpes – caused by the herpes simplex virus type HSV2. Treatment should be followed as advised by the doctor as this virus is infectious even with medication.
  • Shingles – caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Zovirax is to be taken every time the virus becomes activated in the nerve cells, for the dosage and course as prescribed.

Acyclovir has also shown to be effective in reducing the disease progression of the HIV strain. Due to the viruses activating at any time without warning, it is recommended to buy Acyclovir online and keep it at hand for use for sudden outbreaks.

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