Is Buying Acyclovir Online USA Legal?

legal acyclovir purchaseYes, you can buy Acyclovir medication through an online pharmacy legally only if the chosen one is registered in the USA. If you are a person who is the citizen of the US but wants to get the pills outside the country then it is completely illegal.

Why you are supposed to get Acyclovir only from the US?

This is for the residents of the country alone. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is which controls and regulates regards the drugs on what is allowed and what is not. It has its own structure to ensure the safety of the residents.

The FDA has its control only on the online pharmacies that are registered to it. In case, you are opting for a mail order pharmacy that is outside this country then the FDA would not know on where they source Acyclovir medication from, quality of the pills and the safety of people while taking it.

There are chances that you have landed in a mail order pharmacy that is counterfeit and if you are going to take the Acyclovir pills offered by them, it is sure that you are going to worsen your health. To avoid this occurrence in a person the authorities restricts your Acyclovir purchase from other drugstores online.

Will you be punished if you got caught getting Acyclovir illegally?

Yes, if you are going to violate the laws of the country then it is sure that you would get any legal issues. It also depends on the severity of the mistake that you have done. You should produce the details about how you got these pills illegally to them.

The worst part is that, you would be watched for lifetime by the authorities. All your activities regarding your drug purchase would be recorded. So, rather than getting into suffering like this, it is better you do a legal purchase of this medication.

What would happen if you mistakenly violate the law?

No matter you violate the law knowingly or unknowingly it is still considered as a violation. This is to avoid people giving lame excuses like they are unaware about the legality though they did it on purpose.

So, to be on the safer side it is a must that you have to check about the laws and regulations in your country before getting Acyclovir through an online pharmacy rather than worrying at a later point of time.

What is the easiest way to select the US based online pharmacy?

You have to go to the NABP online site and check for the list of legitimate drugstores online. From this list, you can go about picking one based on your choice. You need not worry about anything and no need to do any research as you can assure yourself that you have landed on the right mail order pharmacy.

Do not get scared at all, as if the purchase of Acyclovir is legal then it is sure that you can get lot of benefits online.