How can a pharmacist set up an online pharmacy store?

Online Pharmacy PharmacistThere are several factors that has to be considered if a pharmacist wish to set up an online pharmacy store. There are a myriad distance selling pharmacy sites registered with the state. So what are those things that a pharmacist who might want to set up their own pharmacy online need to know? Thinking of creating your own new online drugstore? Well, you can possibly buy an existing one. Though you might have to pay several times its net profit and after a long decade to pay of all your loans, the resultant profit and the business you make will be all yours in the long run.

So what do applicants need to consider when wanting to setting up an internet store?

A misnomer

An internet pharmacy could be best termed as a distance-selling pharmacy which comes from the fact that there could be no face-to-face discussion between a patient and the pharmacist during the delivery of the medication.  Patients can be allowed to access the store but only for certain non-essential services like MUR i.e. medicines use reviews.

Having a concrete business plan

Internet pharmacies must be able to sell drugs online without prescriptions. However, many people will target only their local area to do business. Though most of the web drugstores reject patients to avail drugs without a prescription, some long distance virtual pharmacies will have to agree to dispense drugs to patients on account of unavailability of the prescription for the patient, considering his/ her situation.

Procedure and registration fee details

To register for an online pharmacy, you will do in the same way as it is for stablishing a brick and mortar store. You need to register with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). The cost involved for registering the pharmacy with the GPhC is available on the website in addition to fee details and other necessary and applicable forms.

Advertising and unique strategies

If the business proposition is right, it is possible to dispense high volume of drugs. For instance, there are online pharmacies that can furnish 50000 products per month whereas there are some that can manage only 10000 per month. As soon as your internet pharmacy site is ready, you need to get it going for supplying prescription medicines to patients. You can aim in selling a unique product which will make your site stand out from the crowd. Also, you need to think of the best ways to advertise the services that you offer which could be through local press or via leaflet dropping, brochures or banners.

Selling overseas

Though online pharmacies are not obligated to furnish prescription meds form other countries, the internet does provide an ocean of opportunities to tap into the unexplored places. Yet, you have to be aware of the restrictions that are prevalent in other countries. Information regarding this can be obtained from the government sites of the state or country with whom you intend to do business.

The value of online drugstores

Online pharmacies are flourishing and they can do good business these days. You can provide the buyer with the list of products that you sell. You can also buy an existing web pharmacy, however, this is associated to various pros and cons which you need to sort it out before planning to get an existing one.

Establishing the pharmacy

Prior to applying for the NHS pharmaceutical list, you need to find suitable premises which can be of any type that can be used to operate an internet pharmacy like office, residential or a warehouse. There is usually an important provision:

Will the GPhC grant permission to operate the drugstore online from these premises?

It would be a good idea to talk to the area councilor early so as to get views regarding the suitability of the premises. And therefore, you get set to run your own online pharmacy store.