How To Get Acyclovir Prescription Online?

online prescription for acyclovirAcyclovir is an antiviral drug and it is a must that you should have a prescription if you want to take the pills. You are provided with the choice of getting it either from a doctor in person or through an online medico. In this article, we are going to look about the procedure to get Acyclovir prescription online.

Register yourself in an online pharmacy

The first step that you have to do is to register yourself with the legitimate mail order pharmacy. You have to create a unique username and an appropriate password. You should use these every time you want to enter into the online pharmacy.

At the first time when you enter into the registered online drugstore, you would be made to enter the details like name, phone number, email address and so on. Make sure that you have enrolled in an online pharmacy that can provide you with an online doctor consultation facility.

Opt for the online medico consultation

The doctor would be available online and you can consult them through Skype or call. But before that, you would be asked to upload all your medical reports. After this, you would be provided with the online form. It contains questions about your health and you can fill it. Only after all these procedure got over, you would be allowed to consult an online healthcare professional.

The medico online would check both the medical reports and the online form. If you have opted for Skype then you can show the herpes symptoms to the doctor. This would be helpful for the physician to identify the severity of the condition and analyze whether Acyclovir can be prescribed to you or not.

Acyclovir online prescription

If the antiviral infections that you suffer from require this medication to get treated then it is sure that the doctor online would instruct it for you. In this case, an online medical script would be generated and provided to you.

If you produce it to the mail order pharmacy, it is possible that you can get the pills for the treatment.

What information would be present in Acyclovir online prescription?

The online prescription would be similar to the ones that you get from a doctor in person. It would contain information like the patient’s name, name of the doctor, the drug name – Acyclovir and its dosage strength and a legal seal.

Your online pharmacist would be able to check about what you want for the treatment with these details. Only then they would ship Acyclovir to the registered address.

How much would the online pharmacy charge for providing an online prescription?

Usually online pharmacies do not charge any money from the customers for providing an online prescription. So, you need not have to worry at all. You can save your money during the online doctor consultation. To be on the safer side, you can ask the representatives of the online pharmacy whether they will charge any amount for it or not.