Our policies

Privacy policy

If you are registering in our website then it means that you are accepting the privacy policy that is mentioned in the site. You have to be above 18 years of age if you want to make use of this site. We would collect certain information in the cookies however we would not be providing it to the third parties.

Security policy

Our customers would be providing credit card number, bank details, medical reports and much more personal information to us. We have a secure server which can protect all these details from the intruders. This site uses SSL encryption method hence we assure security.

Quality guarantee

We guarantee that the medications that you receive from us will be in high class quality and would be present in the same manufacturing package without any alteration. In case you are buying generic drugs from us then ensure that the chosen medication has the same effect compared to the brand drugs. Get help from a doctor before switching between the variants of the medication. You can contact us as well to get some information regarding this.

Chargeback policy

We do not recommend any charge back policy. However if you wish to do it then you can raise the ticket just by using your phone. Once you have used this, you would be refrained from using any legitimate online pharmacies. This means that, in the future you would not be provided with an opportunity to order medication from any mail order pharmacies in the world.

Shipping policy

The medication package would be shipped to your address at the right time according to the delivery method that you have chosen. We provide EMS delivery and standard delivery option. In addition to this we also provide tracking facility to each and every package.